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What is FGM?

The World Health Organization defines Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) as all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.
It is an ancient cultural practice, which causes significant physical and psychological health risks, including infections, bleeding, damage to adjacent organs, sterility, birth complications & even death.
FGM is a global problem that affects 3 million girls a year - one every 10 seconds - and is the leading cause of school dropout for girls.
It is a part of our mission to work towards eradicating FGM, in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goal of ending this archaic and harmful practice by 2030.

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Your donation of any amount will allow field workers to continue monitoring the girls, enable us to establish rescue camps for the girls, and bring in law enforcement when necessary.

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A message from:

Ashley Nyagake

One of our rescued girls

We protect our girls during FGM training

We protect girls from FGM through group training about the harms of FGM, and through follow-on engagement with family and community members.

What we do?

In Kenya, we use VPack, which generates real-time data to track girls at risk. Then we collaborate with local educators, law enforcement, religious figures, and even parents to provide just in-time intervention measures that rescue girls at risk of FGM. In the past year, we used VPack to enroll 1,000 girls from ten schools in our program. This was accomplished by raising awareness about the harms of FGM and launching a community outreach campaign to more than 4,000 family and community members in over 30 villages. Going forward, trained educators and volunteers will use these methods to identify girls at risk of being victim FGM. We then utilize our platform to record their findings and put intervention measures in place to rescue these girls.

What we have achieved so far

Enrolled girls




Still at risk


Parents trained


Why is LM4D committed to eradicating FGM?

- FGM is a violation of human rights under international laws and treaties.
- FGM impacts girls for life, not only with physical and emotional trauma, but also because it affects the girls' ability to get an education, make choices for better economic opportunities, and reach their maximum capacity as productive members of society.
- FGM prevents girls from lifting themselves out of poverty and advancing towards positive contributions to societal, economic, and political life.
- FGM results in higher rates of illiteracy and exploited laborers in subsistence farming, which only perpetuates the cycle of poverty.
- FGM is a silent crime and practiced even where it is directly outlawed, such as in the UK, Germany, and Kenya.
- FGM persists, because societal norms link marriageability and the need for a larger dowry to this harmful practice.

LM4D Eradicating FGM in Kenya

-A Washington D.C.-based nonprofit that seeks grants and contributions to fund innovative projects aimed at eradicating FGM and the associated practice of child marriage.
- LM4D trains women to lead civil society organizations focused on eradicating FGM, a major form of gender-based violence.
- LM4D's team works with local partners to develop community-centric programs that deliver proven results on FGM and other forms of gender-based violence.

Join us to save more girls
from the dangers of FGM
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To save more girls


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